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Meta Resource

The YDS Meta Resource was born today.

What is a meta resource?

A meta resource is a list of useful resources.

What is the YDS Meta Resource?

The YDS Meta Resource is an open list of resources, editable by anyone, that can be used to start/further your development in the areas of data science and machine learning. We are currently using Github to maintain this resource, as it is a convenient place for such lists. This list will include introductory and advanced links, so if you are just being introduced to a lot of this stuff, look for the unbolded links.

How can I edit the YDS Meta Resource?

Start by joining the #datasets and #workshops Slack channels, to post links to datasources/tutorials/other things you find online. You can also join the YDS Flipboard for a nice interface to some of the blogposts we find. Finally, you can make contributions to the Meta Resource yourself by filling out a pull request on Github (right now, the write-access to the repository is protected so nobody can delete the whole list).

Please make contributions to this list! Its usefulness is entirely contingent on the collective effort of all of us.